Help us prepare for NERD Summit 2023!

March 2023 [exact dates in March TBD] NERD Summit is an inclusive, community building tech event in New England.

2022 Program CANCELLED

We had hopes and dreams of gathering for an in-person Summit in 2022, but alas..

So, we're pivoting to a remote NERD Summit once again, with a few changes to keep things interesting!

One of the changes that we're most excited about is an increased focus on Group Discussions. These Group Discussions (AKA Birds of a Feather or BOFs) enrich the Summit by providing an arena for sharing perspectives and problem-solving, commiserating with each other over similar challenges, and learning in an interactive and conversational way.

NERD Summit has been an incredible success thanks to excellent presenters, generous sponsors, and an enthusiastic community. Sponsor packages are designed to help your organization with brand awareness, talent recruitment, and networking with potential partners and customers!

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The mission of NERD (New England Regional Developers) is to collaborate with the regional community to ensure that the annual Summit and events throughout the year offer everyone, regardless of background or finances, a diverse curriculum for relevant skill building and valuable networking opportunities. This supports our vision of creating positive and supportive learning opportunities for people who work or want to work in web and related technology. Too many smart, passionate people have been traditionally excluded from tech careers, and we're changing that.

You can help!

For 2022, NERD Summit is reaching out, at both organizational and individual levels, to get more people involved!

More involvement will support new summit ideas as well as program implementation, which in turn supports the NERD mission of making tech more accessible to both underrepresented and young people. This type of programming could range from tech games for kids to tech career advice and coaching, to training on a specific topic.

If you know of organizations or individuals who can help add such programming to NERD Summit 2022 please get in touch. Perhaps it is you!

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2022 Summit Sponsors



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Kelly Albrecht
(Last Call Media)

Erik Britt-Webb

Steve Cronen-Townsend

Donna DuSell
(Montague Web Works)

Benji Fisher

Robin Guidry

Karl Hakkarainen

Cheryl Handsaker
(Charlemont Connect)

Rick Hood
(Common Media)

Trevor Morris

Kim Pond
(Massachusetts 4-H Foundation)

Avi Schwab

Chris Wells
(Redfin Solutions)

Erika Wolbach
(Common Media)


New England Regional Developers

NERD Summit is a product of New England Regional Developers (NERD). NERD creates positive and supportive learning opportunities for people who work, or want to work in web and related technologies in the New England area.

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Code of Conduct

Attendees are encouraged to read the NERD Summit 2021 Code of Conduct.

The NERD Summit 2021 team


  • Kelly Albrecht
  • Rick Hood


  • Abby Bowman
  • Steve Brewer
  • Erik Britt-Webb
  • Mike Brooks
  • Stephen Cross
  • Lili Dwight
  • Lou Franco
  • Stephanie Fuda
  • Chad Furman
  • Barbara Hebert
  • Lisa Huang
  • Joan Joly
  • Andrew Pasquale
  • Aubrey Sambor
  • Gabe Smith
  • Heidi Stanclift
  • Molly Taaffe
  • Jen Wahlund


To volunteer, email Rick Hood at [email protected].

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