Virtual summit information

How does this virtual NERD Summit work?

NERD Summit 2021 will again be virtual!

See more below for details on how this will work.

How will virtual work?

We will have a Zoom link for each of the "rooms": 135, 145, 221 321, 325 & 329. Plus we will have other "Zoom Rooms" setup for general discussion and help (TBD). This will all be listed on the NERD website.

A NERD Summit organizer will be in each meeting acting as host, to help speaker and attendees as needed.


We will be hosting the following practice sessions this coming week for both speakers and attendees.

Information to posted here as we get closer.


To attend a session, find the session you want to attend on the website schedule ( ) then click the JOIN link * in that session 5 minutes (or less) from the start time. If you join too early, simply wait for the host to arrive.

IMPORTANT: All the rooms, except Hangout & Help, are password protected. All ticket holders will receive the password by email. Make sure you registered here

If you do not already have it, download the Zoom Client for Meetings here: (you will be prompted to do so when you click the JOIN link if you do not have it already).

See this link for more information:

The sessions are recorded, so if you do not wish to be recorded at all, you may stay muted and turn your video off. The video recording quality should be quite good. We will grab the Zoom recordings and upload them to our YouTube channel.

The host will end the session shortly after the talk ends (ending the Zoom session kicks off the creation of the video file for the session recording).

If you run into issues and need help;

  • Post your issue in #summit channel in the NERD Summit Slack *
  • Email us at [email protected]

* if you are not on the NERD Summit Slack you can join here:


Join the Zoom session the same way as attendees do above. When entering the Zoom session, announce that you are there and the host will allow you to share your screen. Once you are sharing your screen, you are ready to proceed when the session start time arrives.

See this link for more information:

NERDSummit 2021: Virtual Training on Sunday!

Information to posted here as we get closer.

Thank you!
The NERD Team


To volunteer, email Rick Hood at [email protected].

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